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Season III

2022 - 2023

Shorts Films Only

Running time of 4-25 minutes including credits 

Local and National submission only

All films must be in English or English subtitled.


Early Registration - 9/01/22 - 12/31/22


Regular Registration - 01/01/23 - 05/31/23


Late Registration - 06/01/23 - 06/30/23

Notification Date








Student/Amateur:   0-2 years experience or currently attending school


Intermediate:   2+ years experience, only film in spare time or for fun



Professional:   Experienced filmmaker, do film/video work as a profession 





Submissions for review will go to a panel judges who will watch films in great detail. Judges will have a scorecard with several categories (cinematography, editing, acting, etc.) and grade each category on a scale of 1 - 5, then write a review of their thoughts and opinions on each film. Judges will be experienced filmmakers, avid film enthusiast, and/or persons who are vastly knowledgeable in the industry.

All reviews will be opinion based, but will remain constructive.


Early Registration: w/o review- $10     w/review- $15     review only - $5

Regular Registration: w/o review- $15     w/review- $20     review only - $10

Late Registration: w/o review- $20      w/review- $25     review only - $15

*Submissions for Review Only will not be eligible for any awards

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